Outsourced HR for Small to Medium Sized Companies
  • Compliance (policies, procedures, Employee Handbooks)
  • Benefits Management
  • Recruiting
  • Employee Relations
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
Supplement an Already Existing HR Department
  • Investigations
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • Organizational Health Assessments
Compliant Training
  • Respectful Workplace (Anti-Harassment)

About Flourish HR

With a background in both small and large company Human Resources, over the past 10+ years I have been helping mission-driven companies to attract, retain and motivate the best employees by helping Founders bring their culture to life and, of course, comply with the many employment laws.
About Diane

Diane Cowlin considers herself lucky – she is one of the few who’s found a path to blend her personal beliefs with her professional skills.

As the Founder of Flourish HR, she works exclusively with small to mid-sized mission-based companies to deliver HR and and Organizational Development. Beginning within the maze of Fortune 500 company Human Resources, she quickly found a disconnect between her eco-conscious nature and big company ethos. She took a few years off after she had her children and used the time to reflect on whether her personal beliefs could be satisfied with her HR work, and whether organizations she admired could benefit from the skills she can deliver. Reentering the workforce she committed to working exclusively with companies whose mission included some variation of “doing the right thing.” Since then, she has worked in-house leading HR for Birkenstock USA, Avalon Organics and Numi Tea. As a consultant, she has partnered with with many companies and nonprofits doing their best to change the world, including Nutiva, Alter Eco, Lotus Foods and the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center. Everyday she takes pride in working with organizations to create a strong culture that’s consistent with their values, while also ensuring compliance with complicated employment laws and regulations. When she isn’t working, you’ll probably find Diane in her vegetable garden, or enjoying a good book or movie with husband, kids and dog Linus (yes, he loves movies).


contact information

Please reach out to me through the contact form, or by contacting me at diane@flourishhr.org.